About standards in lift construction

Bernhard Emch is Managing Director of the lift company EMCH and talks in an interview about safety and standards in lift construction, the leeway in the dense network of standards and shared responsibility.

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For passengers, the lift is the safest of all vehicles - this stems not least from the shared responsibility of lift companies, building owners, service companies and the state as guardian. There is a lift ordinance with detailed regulations that Switzerland adopts completely from the EU.


For the lift company EMCH, such standards have a 90% internal impact on planning and testing and only 5% each on construction and aesthetics. Since the company only makes customised products, they have leeway with regard to the standards, but they always coordinate space, technology and construction. Each individual solution has to comply with the overriding standard, which is why each lift also undergoes a precise testing procedure.

Standards are not only restrictive; on the contrary, they can drive new inventions that become standard over time. A change in standards has an impact not only on new construction, but also on renovation and service, and is accordingly costly.

After the lift manufacturer has completed the lift construction, he simultaneously hands over the responsibility for control and modernisation to the homeowner, but always offers them support.


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